New video from Sumie

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My friend Sumie will soon release a new album – her second one.
Here is a video from that album Fortune. I had that honor to help out with some editing.


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Sumie releases her new album in November this year. I’ve heard it and it’s amazing.

New Album from Thom Coombes

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One of my favourite artist on this planet is Thom Coombes. He’s new album Old Stomping Grounds is not a dissapointment.

New Ballpoint Covers

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It’s been a while since the project of The Ballpoint Covers got some new editions. Here’s five i made yesterday during an hours work, they are available for purchase. I started the project back in 2009 and I only have 6 more to draw until the project is ended and reached the limited edition of 250 albums.
All the best,
~ Hector


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New Album from Barry Bliss out

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Thom Coombes and his Guidelines

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Now this is a great one. Enjoying this song by Thom Coombes.
Excellent how it’s like Thom’s vocals accidentally touching a hot plate on the stove before the incredible solo.

This made me very happy

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Not On Top

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Listening to: Barry Bliss

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This guy is pretty incredible. Barry Bliss is the real deal for sure. I’ver heard that his latest album (sep 2014) is his last one. I hope he will change his mind.

Listening to: Kenny

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Working behind the scenes to this.

When A Myspace Replica Website Was Born


Call me a nostalgic but I quite miss the era of old MySpace. Way back when, it really was a space of your own that one could share with others and a lot of rough, great and unique recordings where made from all kinds of different folks. It really was a boiling pot of talent of all kinds. I literally sat for hours jumping from one artists “Top 8 friend list” to another while discovering some of my favorite songs I ever heard.

A trip back nowdays reminds me more of a gohst town with whispering voices from old times – a GhostSpace. So romanticizing this fact made me perform CPR on my old MySpace page and rebuild a replica here in my own corner of the web. So here it is and if you have been on my journey since the beginning, you may recoglize the layout. It’s not much and not perfect, but more to come.

This is a song from Rebecka Ingrid Simone (former Rebecka’s One Girl Band), a band I used to listen to almost every day during the great era of a stream of great bedroom recordings. I have no idea what she is doing these days, but can’t find any new music it seems.

The weather is fine(with Tove) from Rebecka Ingrid Simone on Myspace.

All the best,
~ Hector

Listening to: de montevert

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Can’t stop listening to this song/voice.

De montevert soundcloud

Listening to: Knudt

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Don’t know this guy either. I’ve played in the same venue once. In stockholm, a dark winter night. My second show I ever played. I was not half as cool as this guy though, more of a frightened rabbit.

Listening to: John

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I will miss this project when last cover is completed.

I don’t know this guy at all, just stumbled across his domains and liked the way he made this song, his fragile voice and truthful lyrics.

Cover 229/250 (ADOPTED)

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I will miss this project when last cover is completed.


Villafestivalen, Villa Överås, Göteborg 2012.07.09

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Oh. I haven’t been here since february 1:st according to previous post. That is nothing but a shame. Been working a lot I guess, but now Hector is back. That is at least what this poster says. I’m playing some songs along with other artists at this festival in Gothenburg. Haven’t played a show for exactly a year now so it’s certainly time.


One of a Million – Musikfestivan, Baden CH

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Hello, like last year I made a trailer for the great Swiss music festival One of a Million. I’m not performing there or anything, just created the trailer. Hope you enjoy! And if you are nearby this event, go and check it out. Starting this saturday 4 february – 11 feb.

As The Crow Flies

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Grey Gardens

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Grey Gardens is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s all on youtube if you haven’t seen it.

But You Have to Make a Living

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Struggeling with drawing.
Long time since new Ballpoint Cover.
Had to try to make a living.
Still trying.
But today the drawing continues.
New interesting ideas for a new website.
Met the guitar a lot lately.
Some new songs.
Need a haircut – badly.
But you have to make a living.


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Been working on this illustration to the website for the video/song release this friday. I thought I’d do a simple and quick drawing. Turned out to take me HOURS AND HOURS. But now I’m done. Feels good. See you on friday.