Call me a nostalgic but I quite miss the era of old MySpace. Way back when, it really was a space of your own that one could share with others and a lot of rough, great and unique recordings where made from all kinds of different folks. It really was a boiling pot of talent of all kinds. I literally sat for hours jumping from one artists “Top 8 friend list” to another while discovering some of my favorite songs I ever heard.

A trip back nowdays reminds me more of a gohst town with whispering voices from old times – a GhostSpace. So romanticizing this fact made me perform CPR on my old MySpace page and rebuild a replica here in my own corner of the web. So here it is and if you have been on my journey since the beginning, you may recoglize the layout. It’s not much and not perfect, but more to come.

This is a song from Rebecka Ingrid Simone (former Rebecka’s One Girl Band), a band I used to listen to almost every day during the great era of a stream of great bedroom recordings. I have no idea what she is doing these days, but can’t find any new music it seems.

The weather is fine(with Tove) from Rebecka Ingrid Simone on Myspace.

All the best,
~ Hector

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Kevin a.
2020-08-27 17:00

How did you do that!!??