The Dreams of Barry Now Bliss

2021-12-13By Hector ProjectorListening to

Barry Now Bliss is one of the artist that make albums very regularly. It’s incredible to me since I’m so slow. He also has a new website. Check him out and consider buying the album. He is is a really interesting and real guy.

It’s art – art is

2021-11-14By Hector ProjectorHector Projector, Philosophy

I remembered something. I had almost forgotten so I’ll write it down here. A few years ago I was talking on the phone with a woman who was a client of mine at work. I was helping the company she was working on with their website. Suddenly as the conversation was nearing the end and … Read More

Postcards + Bandcamp – Facebook

2021-10-02By Hector ProjectorMusic
Many people through the years have asked me why I'm not on Bandcamp. Well, I have no idea. Apparently is a pretty fair platform compared to many others and maybe more suitable for small artist like myself. I got one now, finally. 2021. I'm planning on leaving Facebook. I have set up a electronic postcard [...]

Sumie – Drömbrus

2021-09-08By Hector ProjectorListening to
Seriously. My long time companion and friend Sumie made a new one. This song is in Swedish which is secondary information in this case. It's a ride for everyone to take part of. Follow her on Bandcamp.   Drömbrus (Live från Vardagsrummet) by Sumie

So. Updated the site a bit

2019-07-11By Hector ProjectorOkategoriserade

Sure, it’s still the old MySpace box layout look. But some things are different, and I have some more plans ahead. Writing some new tunes and hopefully they will fly off soon to anyone who will listen. All the best /Hector

New video from Sumie

2017-10-25By Hector ProjectorMusic

My friend Sumie will soon release a new album – her second one. Here is a video from that album Fortune. I had that honor to help out with some editing.

New Ballpoint Covers

2017-03-04By Hector ProjectorThe Ballpoint Covers

It’s been a while since the project of The Ballpoint Covers got some new editions. Here’s five i made yesterday during an hours work, they are available for purchase. I started the project back in 2009 and I only have 6 more to draw until the project is ended and reached the limited edition of … Read More