So. Updated the site a bit

2019-07-11By Hector ProjectorOkategoriserade

Sure, it’s still the old MySpace box layout look. But some things are different, and I have some more plans ahead. Writing some new tunes and hopefully they will fly off soon to anyone who will listen. All the best /Hector

New video from Sumie

2017-10-25By Hector ProjectorMusic

My friend Sumie will soon release a new album – her second one. Here is a video from that album Fortune. I had that honor to help out with some editing.


2017-08-18By Hector ProjectorMusic

Sumie releases her new album in November this year. I’ve heard it and it’s amazing.

New Ballpoint Covers

2017-03-04By Hector ProjectorThe Ballpoint Covers

It’s been a while since the project of The Ballpoint Covers got some new editions. Here’s five i made yesterday during an hours work, they are available for purchase. I started the project back in 2009 and I only have 6 more to draw until the project is ended and reached the limited edition of … Read More

Listening to: Knudt

2012-11-06By Hector ProjectorMusic

Don’t know this guy either. I’ve played in the same venue once. In stockholm, a dark winter night. My second show I ever played. I was not half as cool as this guy though, more of a frightened rabbit.

Listening to: John

2012-11-05By Hector ProjectorMusic

I will miss this project when last cover is completed. I don’t know this guy at all, just stumbled across his domains and liked the way he made this song, his fragile voice and truthful lyrics.

One of a Million – Musikfestivan, Baden CH

2012-02-01By Hector ProjectorAnimation, Music

Hello, like last year I made a trailer for the great Swiss music festival One of a Million. I’m not performing there or anything, just created the trailer. Hope you enjoy! And if you are nearby this event, go and check it out. Starting this saturday 4 february – 11 feb.