New video from Sumie

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My friend Sumie will soon release a new album – her second one. Here is a video from that album Fortune. I had that honor to help out with some editing.


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Sumie releases her new album in November this year. I’ve heard it and it’s amazing.

New Album from Thom Coombes

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One of my favourite artist on this planet is Thom Coombes. He’s new album Old Stomping Grounds is not a dissapointment.

New Album from Barry Bliss out

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Listening to: Kenny

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Working behind the scenes to this.

Listening to: Knudt

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Don’t know this guy either. I’ve played in the same venue once. In stockholm, a dark winter night. My second show I ever played. I was not half as cool as this guy though, more of a frightened rabbit.

Listening to: John

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I will miss this project when last cover is completed. I don’t know this guy at all, just stumbled across his domains and liked the way he made this song, his fragile voice and truthful lyrics.

One of a Million – Musikfestivan, Baden CH

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Hello, like last year I made a trailer for the great Swiss music festival One of a Million. I’m not performing there or anything, just created the trailer. Hope you enjoy! And if you are nearby this event, go and check it out. Starting this saturday 4 february – 11 feb.

All This Sun Is Making My Skin Look Golden Brown

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This song has run by my side through all times. And if I don’t listen to it at least once a month my ears start to mold to eventually – dropp off.

And The Radio

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From this day I will enjoy all my meals outdoors with a radio. Even during hard core swedish winter times.

Hector > One Of A Million Festival, Swizerland

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Hector Projector and his little donkey made a song and animation for this wonderful new music festival. Hope to see you there in February!

Landgörst in Ystad

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I’ve made some songs for a sound book called Landgörst. The lyrics is from the book. Here is “Tappad överbord”. I’ve made some songs for a sound book called Landgörst. The lyrics is from the book. Here is “Tappad överbord”. I’m playing and singing with Landgörst at Ystad Konstmuseum tomorrow, saturday 30/10 14.00. Landgörst exhibition […]


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This guy Cody made a cover of Twenty twenty vision and Out of ideas. Listen here »