I remembered something. I had almost forgotten so I’ll write it down here.

A few years ago I was talking on the phone with a woman who was a client of mine at work. I was helping the company she was working on with their website.

Suddenly as the conversation was nearing the end and all the details of the work were completed she suddenly asked; Are you Hector Projector?
I was very surprised since I’m totally unknown artist in Sweden so I replied a wondering yes.
She then told me that around year 2010 a cut version of the animated video for It’s Art (the full version is embedded here on the page) was shown on the Swedish cultural TV show Kobra (the show had advertised that they wanted 1 minute animations from the audience – of which mine was included). The woman and her friends had seen it.

The video and song tell of an “Anna” who loses her hands in a fire. The woman on the phone further told me that shortly after (or shortly before – I can’t remember which) this video had been shown on TV, her close friend, whose name was just Anna was in an accident where she lost her hands due to a fire.

I find this chain of details, thrown out of control and then finding its way back to me, incomprehensible.



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