Thom Coombes and his Guidelines

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Now this is a great one. Enjoying this song by Thom Coombes. Excellent how it’s like Thom’s vocals accidentally touching a hot plate on the stove before the incredible solo. New Demos by Thom Coombes

Listening to: Barry Bliss

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This guy is pretty incredible. Barry Bliss is the real deal for sure. I’ver heard that his latest album (sep 2014) is his last one. I hope he will change his mind.

Listening to: Kenny

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Working behind the scenes to this.

When A Myspace Replica Website Was Born

Call me a nostalgic but I quite miss the era of old MySpace. Way back when, it really was a space of your own that one could share with others and a lot of rough, great and unique recordings where made from all kinds of different folks. It really was a boiling pot of talent […]

Listening to: de montevert

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Can’t stop listening to this song/voice. De montevert soundcloud