New Ballpoint Covers

2017-03-04By Hector ProjectorThe Ballpoint Covers

It’s been a while since the project of The Ballpoint Covers got some new editions. Here’s five i made yesterday during an hours work, they are available for purchase. I started the project back in 2009 and I only have 6 more to draw until the project is ended and reached the limited edition of … Read More

Ballpoint Covers

2011-06-28By Hector ProjectorShows, The Ballpoint Covers

First song of a new album RECORDED! Tomorrow, I’m gonna start recording the next one. Progress… Have updated the Ballpoint Cover department with some new ones. I’m always posting them on this site before Facebook. So if you’re after one of the latest ones, this is the place to look. Just finished the 220:nd one. … Read More

Catch Some Sun

2011-05-10By Hector ProjectorOkategoriserade, The Ballpoint Covers

I’m looking for good inputs to GREAT documentaries and good independent music that YOU think that I might like or SHOULD like. Could be an artist or just a song. I especially thirst for unknown lo-fi home recordings, from anywhere and anyone. From old times or new times. Don’t hesitate. E-mail me (The reason … Read More

The Ballpoint Covers

2009-08-10By Hector ProjectorThe Ballpoint Covers

You know, visit this I’ve had this idea for a while, help to draw a unique original drawing for each cover of my coming album, pill The Ballpoint Covers. This CDR will be my second one and is limited to 250 copies just as the first one, Missing Limbs. Some drawings are made when traveling, … Read More