Photo: Caroline Keî | Paris 2011-01-24

The Ballpoint Covers album is a limited edition (250) cdr-album with one of a kind original ballpoint pen drawing by Hector. Songs on the album are: 1) Twenty Twenty Vision 2) It’s Art 3) Theodor 4)You’re The Hero 5)  Down To The Ground 6) Out Of Ideas 7) According To My Schedule 8) In Retrospect 9) Gravity Dance 10) Half an hour.
The album covers below shows the ones that are available and below the ones that are already on someones record shelf.

Price 150 SEK = about 15 EUR = about 22 USD + shipping.  Click on this link to get one. Don’t forget to write down the cover-number of the cover you want. You can also email me the number of the cover you want me to send you. (
Good luck! / Hector

Available Covers | Buy »:

Adopted Covers (SOLD OUT):