One of a Million – Musikfestivan, Baden CH

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Hello, like last year I made a trailer for the great Swiss music festival One of a Million. I’m not performing there or anything, just created the trailer. Hope you enjoy! And if you are nearby this event, go and check it out. Starting this saturday 4 february – 11 feb.

Hector > One Of A Million Festival, Swizerland

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Hector Projector and his little donkey made a song and animation for this wonderful new music festival. Hope to see you there in February!


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Official video for Oh, Harry – I Reclaim My Streets from her brand new brilliant solo debut album Arena Rock.

New video up soon!

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New video up soon!

New official video for Elin Ruth Sigvardsson!

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After hundreds of drawings it’s finally done!  

Interesting things ahead

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New video is coming up in about a week. It’s not a video for one of my songs, It’s for another Swedish artist. This is the reason why I haven’t had that much time drawing new covers. Because I’m working on it every free hour that I have right now. But I promise to draw […]