Hector Projector
Alternative / Expermental / Indie
Klubb EKO, Uddevalla “It’s art!”

Kungälv, Sweden
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Last updated: 2017-06-30

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Hector Projector: General Info

Member Since: 2/8/2006
Band Members: J. Andréasson
Influences: W. Allen movies, C. Bukowski, Gubben i stugan, bedroom recordings, Grey gardens, great old LP covers, Alf Robertson, A. Green, The Graduate, Nino Ferrer, The Shining, TTMOE, Barry Bliss
Type of Label: Unsigned


First, all songs is up for listen in the player on this site. If you want a physical album though of the Missing Limbs album (2008) or The ballpoint Covers album (2009), both limited edition of 250 CDR, just get it below. The Ballpoint Covers albums all have a unique drawing made by me. See available covers below. To view all covers visit the The Ballpoint Covers corner. ML: 125 SEK, BPC 150 SEK + shipping.

img_missing_limbs ballpointcover
Missing Limbs
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The Ballpoint Covers
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Here are the covers that have not been adopted yet:

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About Hector

A couple of years ago a Swedish unknown animator was significantly surprised when he encountered an unwanted pregnancy after a swift love affair with a nylon stringed beauty. After several failed abortion attempts Hector Projector was born. Ever since, he has tried his best to raise this restive kid by mostly feeding it with songs and animations alongside with his normal everyday life. Hector Projector released the home made limited edition CDR-albums ”Missing Limbs” in 2008 and ”The Ballpoint Covers” in 2009. He’s had a few appearances on small stages on tour through europe with the brilliant Sumie in 2010. A sequel to that tour came to life in january 2011.


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When are go going on tour??
I would really like to see you live.

Hector Projector

Hello, I hope to go on tour some time soon to! But don’t know where – don’t know when right now. Where do you live? // Hector


I live in Ghent in Belgium. I would really like it if you could play here. There are lots of young people here so you would have good audience! I hope to see you soon!

Jonas Lindblad

Tack för 2010! Hoppas på många kul projekt tillsammans 2011.


Jag vill bara säga att du ger mig hopp. Att det finns såna som du, en som du. Du är en sån människa jag letar efter.


Thanks for your music, your poetry, your art. You do my days nicer.

Maria Leck

När jag vaknar en morgon och känner mig helt borttappad
så kan jag bara lyssna på den där musiken som du gör
Landa, komma tillbaka

Det är som en efterkonstruerad och väldigt trygg barndom jag landar i. Hector Projector-landet.

Hector Projector

Då är det nog snart dags att jag gör lite mer musik så att det inte blir en rastlös barndom i det nya landet. Tack så hemskt mycket för de snälla orden.

Maria Leck

Hej käre Hector Projector. Kan man reservera ett ex av the ballpoint covers? I sådana fall skulle jag vilja reservera nummer 013. Den var så himla bra tycker jag!
Lev väl/ Maria Leck


Tack för Win-Win spelningen, riktigt bra. Det lär bli mer små spelningar i vinter. Vi får höras mer om detta. Ta hand om dig och dam!

Hector Projector

Tack själv, Petter. Alltid lika tryggt att ha dig där på andra sidan. Skicka en röksignal från tältet när det är dags.


Hi, I really like your music! I would like to buy your new cd but I wanted to know if it was possible to reserve the cover number 19.
Musically, /Sylvain


Hello Hector, I was wondering if I could order your Ballpoint Convers album, number 11. Would that be possible?
Love your music!

Hi Hector, I totally felt in love with your songs, your animations…I discovered your work last year (lucky me!!) and I immediately bought your first album (which I love and I was so surprised when I discovered that you had spent some time drawing and writing a little note…that was “génial” I felt so special, thanks!!!) and I can’t wait to have your second one! Your idea for the new covers is brilliant…ambitious but brilliant! I saw that some of your covers are already reserved…could I reserve one too?? or is this a special favor to your friends, family or… Read more »